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About Us

Crislly is a high quality office and school stationary company. Our design team in China , India ,Lebanon and Brazil brings innovative, unique products with a satisfying need of our consumers, along with high quality to worldwide stationery sector. Crislly school and office stationery suppliers and manufacturers ,features original brands such as Monza, and leading global names in bags manufacturing and trade such as Lebraz and Monza from which you can expect a high level of Indian and Chinese quality, safety, labor and ecological ethics.

Our cool designs are perfect for adapting to any situation!
Our backpacks serve as an all-in-one carrier for essentials, including a tablet and books.They come in many styles, sizes, and durable materials .In fact , they are perfect for every self-expression style! The versatility of Lebraz ,Monza , Krish and Montex is unmatched, with a great high quality bags..We are a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. we import and export to Lebanon , Brazil,China,India,and Africa .We are also home to a whole host of one-of-a-kind items made with love and extraordinary care since 1994.Our Company has now become the leading manufacturers and exporters of filing stationeries, envelopes and other PP stationery products worldwide!

Our main purpose is to provide you with all the accessories needed to operate the daily function… And the objective is to make your work life easy!

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